Our Terms & Conditions


Professional Services 

Planning Application Task

A          Preparation of Proposed Project Design & Layout and Elevations Drawings.
B          Preparation of Presentation & Project Digital Images for public consultation.
C         Completion of all relevant Planning forms & and submission of an Application.
D         Preparation of Planning Design & Access Statement.
E          Negotiation with Planning Department -Local Authority.
F          Organise & Arrange Site visit to EG London with SBC Department Officers.
G         Attendance at a Planning Committee. 
H         Gain Planning Conditional Approval subject to Contact.


Professional Fees Structure

CITIES PROJECTS fees are related to the size and function of a building project.
and are usually based on a percentage of the final construction cost for a project.
The initial stages of a project it is often impossible to estimate the construction cost,
since this does not become clear until the design has been developed to a detailed level.

CITIES PROJECTS usually charge an agreed lump sum figure for the Planning approval
stage of a project. Once the project on the further stage and Client’s happy with our design proposal we are then able to determine a budget estimate for the construction costs, and will charge a percentage based fee from this point onwards. As this is long-term project and we will consider a mutual agreement at an appropriate time.


Planning Stage

CITIES PROJECTS will Submit an Application with all documentations with
EGG Business plan & Employment report with an appropriate order and present the case in most professional manner to Swindon Borough Council Authority.


Professional fees

Based On:

1. Considerations of all aspect & understand Complexity of work involved.
2. Understanding of scope of further work
3. Mutual benefit on both side.

Fees Includes:
1. Design & Planning work 
2. 3D digital images
3. Communications 
4. Meetings 
5. Correspondence
6. Travelling
7. Presentation & Printing cost.

Excluding: External Professional Services required / demanded by SBC.

Building Regulation Stage
Once we have Submitted a planning application, we after 4 - 5 week time we will in stronger position to work out more detailed development stages as per meeting.