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We love what we do to improve & maximise potential of property . We passionate about to make our clientele property valuable with coordination of Design, Approval Process, Construction and ability to guide to create maximise sale and return value in future of the property.

If you thinking to Have Extra Bedroom, Larger Kitchen, Home Office, Property Development Opportunity...

Ready to build ?
• Extension
• Convert your loft
• Exterior or Internal Changes
• Remodelling the Property
• Change of Use of Property

You will need scale drawings for initial Feasibility Costing for Builder to work on and altimetry Drawing Documents for Planning & Building Control department of your Local Council.
A local reliable builder will also want to work from final and agreed drawings. However, hiring an architect can be expensive, and if you already know what you want, there is a cost effective alternative. If you are a home owner, builder, or developer, then CITIESPLAN is the answer for all your Design Consultant & drawing needs.
Call us now for a free no obligation quote or a Visit your Property, Qualify Designer will spend time to understand your needs. We can confident to give most economical charges compare to local professional.


Design Planning & Development Services at Fixed Fees
  • Home Owners

    Drawings and applications for
    • House extensions
    • Loft Conversions
    • Internal Alterations

  • Property Developers & Builders

    Planning Permission Drawings and applications for property developments
    • Measured Survey Drawings
    • Floor Plans for properties
    • Change of use of Property

  • Surveyors

    • Measured Survey Drawings
    • Proposed development for properties
    • Floor Plans for commercial properties
    • Lease/Site Plans

  • Estate Agents & Legal Services

    • CAD services Measured Survey
    • Architectural re-draws onto CAD
    • Provide Design Documentations

  • Planning Consultants



Its a simple 5 step process for get your work done. Please refer below for the same.


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Outline Planning Applications

    An outline planning application is normally submitted to find out if the local planning authority will grant permission without having full design detailed plans drawn up.
  • If you obtain outline permission you later have to apply for full permission in the normal way.
  • Outline planning permission is often used if you intend to sell the property and/or land to someone else and gain maximum financial return from it.

Making A Planning Application

  • Planning Application are made to the local authority (e.g. London Borough Council ) You will need to pay an application fee, which are generally £185 for extensions and £65 for every new dwelling created.
  • The application includes several copies of drawings showing the existing state of the building and the proposals, site location plan and various certificates. Cities Projects can perform this service for you.
  • You will also need a ‘location plan’ at 1:250 / 1:500 / 1:200 scale (usually an extract from a Ordinance Survey Map in digital data). We can get this for you.
  • Once the application has been submitted, wait for at least 3 weeks before making progress enquiries with the planning department. If you find out who your ‘case officer’ is, you may be able to discuss the application with them. This can be useful, because they might be able to highlight a likely problem. This could enable you to make a change to your application that could make all the difference.
  • Planning applications are meant to take 8 weeks from the received date by the local authority, but the received date can be some time after submitting the application. Allow 3 months to be on the safe side.

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